The Brompton Folding Bicycle FAQ

An Independent User's Guide for the world's most practical vehicle
Dedicated to Richard Lighton.

Once here were HTML pages with an organized collection of mails to the Brompton-Talk mailing list from 1996 up to 2005 (with a few edits up to 2007).

Due to sharply increased popularity of March 2009, and a 1GB/month website limit, there is no more direct link to the HTML pages but only compressed archives. But you can get to the HTML pages by setting the url to 'brompton/chapters/'...

Giuliano Gavazzi has a direcly accessible copy of the section format at

But you'll find much more up to date info in a modern wiki version over at

Format HTTP download
Spread over many small chapters 1 MB text ¾ MB pictures
Bundled in three sections - good for searching 1 MB text
Proprietary archive to be used with iSilo
on Palm OS, Pocket PC or Windows CE Handheld PC
1 MB pdb

The .tgz archives are to be unpacked with gzip and tar. There is lots of freeware and shareware out there that can do that.